Location testing simplified

Testing complex location technologies is going to leave you with questions about receiver accuracy and conformance. And with so many environments to test for, it can be difficult to get the answers you need. Whether you’re a developer, device manufacturer or network operator, Spirent’s Location Technology Solutions can help you assure the performance of location technologies in any wireless device.

Solutions that span across the wireless device lifecycle

Research & development
Comprehensive location test environment for chipset and device manufacturers including A-GNSS satellite and multiple cellular positioning technologies.
Conformance and certification
World-class coverage of industry-standard wireless device test specifications, such as CTIA LTE A-GPS OTA, OMA SUPL2.0, and GCF 3GPP 37.571. Spirent maintains active involvement in these critical standards bodies, chairing key working groups and authoring specifications.
Carrier acceptance
As contributing members of relevant standards bodies, Spirent’s team offers carriers a unique perspective on current and future location requirements, driving the creation of key carrier acceptance test themes and providing leading location test platforms.

Measure location from every angle


IMS/VoLTE including VoLTE E911

Ensuring positioning accuracy for E911 compliance


Indoor positioning

Testing hybrid location technologies for seamless integration of OTDOA, ECID Wi-Fi and sensor positioning


LTE positioning

Evaluating ECID, LPP and SUPL2.0; Control Plane and User Plane implementations


A-GNSS testing

Simulation of satellite systems (A-GPS, A-GLONASS) with emulation of networks (CDMA, UMTS, LTE) and protocols (LPP, SUPL1.0, SUPL2.0)


A-GNSS record and playback

Eliminates the need to continually return to the field by providing representative, repeatable GNSS signals in the lab


LTE A-GNSS Over-The-Air (OTA)

GNSS antenna characterization and performance for both TDD-LTE and FDD-LTE devices

Deliver accurate location data

Wireless users expect location-based services to work indoors and out. In many locations, especially indoors, accuracy and availability can only be provided
by a combination of location technologies. Spirent simplifies this hybrid testing by combining multiple location technologies into a single testing solution.

Support VoLTE E911 from day one

There’s no compromise—VoLTE E911 must work from day one of any VoLTE network rollout. Leading operators are confronted with the challenge of evaluating the positioning technologies to deliver optimal location performance indoors and out, especially in cases of emergency.

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OTA testing for a complete performance picture

Conventional A-GNSS testing performed over a cabled RF connection provides a limited view of GNSS performance, as it bypasses the mobile device’s antenna and associated circuitry. In contrast, OTA testing introduces a controlled test system in either an anechoic or reverberation chamber that incorporates all interaction factors between the radio and the rest of the wireless environment. This approach offers complete antenna characterization and performance analysis.

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Location technology products

eCall/ERA-GLONASS In Vehicle Test System (IVS)

A complete test setup for verifying the functionality and conformance of the eCall/ERA-GLONASS IVS

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Spirent 8100 Location Technology Solution

The most comprehensive, cutting-edge solution for wireless device and chipset location technology testing

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Spirent C2K-ATS

Comprehensive, automated testing of CDMA mobile-based position location technologies

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Spirent record & playback systems

Record real GPS, GLONASS and QZSS signals as well as signals from augmentation systems such as WAAS and EGNOS

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White paper

An Overview of Hybrid Location Technologies: Enabling Accurate Everywhere Location

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White paper

LTE Positioning Technology For Mobile Devices: Test Challenges and Solutions

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Reference guide


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White paper

An Overview of LTE Positioning

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Hybrid location technologies poster

This reference poster includes informative data, statistics, and reference information about hybrid location technologies including A-GNSS, Wi-Fi, Cellular and Sensors

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