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The Simplification of Radio Channel Modeling

sc-The Simplification of Radio Channel Modeling

Testing is, of course, an essential step in wireless product development, but the correct balance between field and lab testing can be difficult to discern. Field test plans cannot practically capture the wide range conditions that a product will operate in, yet creating realistic radio channel environments in the lab has typically required a high degree of time and skill. Both of these approaches have only gotten more complex with the introduction of 5G radio technologies.

Today’s engineers from a wide range of industries are developing wirelessly-connected products. They need user-friendly tools that reduce testing complexities and help them get to market quickly with innovative products and services.

This whitepaper discusses 5G technology complexities and markets and the implications for testing. It explains the need for channel modeling and the barrier traditional modeling methods present to market expansion. The paper summarizes the conveniences Spirent’s Advanced Channel Modeling software brings to the modeling process so anyone—experts and non-experts alike—can evaluate and refine their 5G products.

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