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Testing, Assurance, Automation of Networks, PNT, Cybersecurity


Learn more about our products and services for testing, assurance and automation of networks, cybersecurity and positioning.


Our products and services cover testing needs beginning with lab validation of new technology and extending to acceptance and benchmarking in live networks.

Mobile Network Testing

Accelerate development by recreating real-world conditions in the lab
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Cloud Testing

Build and maintain next-generation networks on a solid foundation
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Ethernet & IP Testing

Enabling next-gen technology deployments with layer 2-7 testing
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Devices + Services Testing

Ensure the quality of experience for connected devices and services
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Cybersecurity Testing

Mitigate risks by proactively identifying security vulnerabilities
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Spirent is the trusted partner of the world’s leading PNT developers
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Once products and services are ready to go live, our active assurance offerings accelerate turn-up, monitor critical SLAs and speed problem resolution as part of automated systems.

Service Assurance

Service Assurance for 5G, SD-WAN, Cloud, Ethernet, and Cybersecurity
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We take a unified approach to automation that spans the technology lifecycle, encompassing lab environments, validation test suites and assurance systems. Our automation services include seamless integration with our customers CI/CD workflows.

Lab and Test Automation

Lab and test automation to accelerate development and reduce costs
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Network Automation

Automated Assurance for automating networks and provider operations
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