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Simplifying 5G with a Network Digital Twin


As telecommunications technology transitions from 4G to the incredible promise and potential of 5G, one thing is clear: the newer technology is not just an incremental upgrade, but an exponential leap in terms of speed, accuracy, latency, and complexity.

Indeed, the complicated nature of 5G is both a great advantage—allowing incredible next-generation capabilities in automation, ultra-low latency services, fixed wireless access, network slicing, and more— and a huge challenge when it comes to safe, secure, successful implementation.

The many elements that comprise and impact a 5G network or application are constantly and quickly changing. That’s largely because 5G makes communications and connectivity move much faster than ever before. And, as with any relatively new technology, there are considerable risks and uncertainties. Even 5G standards are still a moving target, fluctuating and evolving along with the emerging industry as a whole. All these factors add to 5G’s complexity.

One undeniable takeaway regarding the implementation of 5G applications and ecosystems is that the traditional ways of testing and assuring are inadequate and need to be augmented with new techniques and processes. Instead of just running tests in a physical lab setting and then performing infrequent reviews with occasional updates after installation, 5G requires testing that is always on and that can implement solutions, whenever needed, in near real time.

Less complexity and more simplification are what’s called for to achieve a less costly and convoluted, timelier, and holistic way of approaching the vetting and verification of 5G products, services, and applications.

A different approach to testing and assurance

With the advent of 5G, which in many ways is a very different technology compared to 4G, Spirent has been leading the way in developing solutions for research universities, industries, commercial service providers (CSPs), and hyperscalers that adopt a fresh approach to testing and service assurance. As the stakes continue to rise, and as more and more investment dollars and valuable partnerships are on the line, these dynamic new testing procedures are vital to moving 5G applications forward. That’s why Spirent is working closely with CPSs and hyperscalers as well as innovative companies who are embracing 5G and need to reduce the risks of service failure.

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