Assuring Video Services Anytime, Anywhere

Customers are demanding access to high-quality streaming video and video telephony services anytime and anywhere. Spirent delivers solutions that accelerate the development of RCS video clients, validate the performance of streaming video services, and assure the launch of high-quality video-services and supporting devices.

Ensuring Quality for HD Streaming Applications

Spirent has developed a leading-edge methodology to evaluate video performance without the need for a reference source. The Umetrix® Video solution can “view pixels like a person” and score QoE according to a Video Mean Opinion Score (VMOS), as if hundreds of human viewers were watching and rating overall performance.

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Video Quality Challenges

In the quest to deliver superior performance, it is important to note that each type of video has its own unique characteristics and challenges that can greatly affect user experience. This poster details various types of video, the factors that can affect video quality, and three key methodologies that can be used to evaluate performance.

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A more accurate approach to mobile device video quality assessment

Mobile video consumption is growing rapidly, but delivering high-quality video chat and streaming services is a complex challenge for those who need to deliver it to the mobile user. Spirent products have a unique camera capture capability that presents a more realistic view of the user perspective. Read Spirent’s white paper to find out why camera capture is the logical choice when a high accuracy of QoE matters most.

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Suggested Products

Umetrix Video

Blonde woman talking on a cell phone

Video quality testing of devices and services
in live networks

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Video Analyzer

Video Analyzer image

Device video quality testing using an
emulated network

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Streaming video scalability, performance,
and interop testing

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Supported Video Services and Technologies


LTE Broadcast (eMBMS)

Test eMBMS video quality in live or emulated networks


IR.94 Video Calling (IMS/RCS)

Develop RCS clients and test video quality in live or emulated networks


Over-the-Top Video Chat

Measure and compare OTT video quality vs. other video chat services


Advanced Video Codecs

Develop RCS clients with support for the latest codecs such as H.265


Adaptive Bitrate Streaming

Test video quality with full support for adaptive bitrate streaming


OTT Video Streaming

Measure and compare OTT video quality vs. other streaming services

User Experience for Video Calling Services

Learn about Spirent’s methodology for measuring the user experience of video calling services including system configuration, evaluation services and user metrics.

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Umetrix Video Experience Evaluation System

Read about how Spirent’s Umetrix Video system can help you assure the successful launch of streaming video and video calling devices and services.

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Video Quality & Services Testing

Spirent Video solutions have a unique camera capture capability that presents a more realistic view of the user perspective. Tests can be automated or run interactively.

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