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Public Safety over LTE and NR | Ensuring Quality of Experience

Measuring What Matters Most for Mission Critical Communications


Mission critical communications have long relied on legacy TETRA and P25 technologies. While cellular services have evolved over the past decade to provide wideband audio, multimedia calling, and high bandwidth data connections, the first responders who use LMR (Land Mobile Radio) systems haven’t moved ahead at the same pace. But neither has cellular been ready to provide the essential critical communications capabilities to allow it to be a viable alternative.

That’s all changing now. 4G LTE and 5G NR are adding support for critical communications technologies such as push-to-talk, peer-to-peer operation, and prioritization. Download this eBook to find out what’s special about PS-cellular vs. consumer cellular, why quality of experience matters, and learn the 5 pillars of a quality mobile experience including real world challenges and important questions worth answering.

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