The evolution to 5G has begun. R&D, trials and proof-of-concepts have started in labs around the world. 3GPP just released the first 5G specification titled “Non-Standalone (NSA) 5G New Radio (NR)” a few days ago. The 16.4 release adds the first true 5G features to Landslide.

At Spirent, we know delivering first to market technologies for 5G requires test tools that align with and even anticipate the release of new specifications. We are the partner of choice for Vendors and Carriers developing and testing the next generation of wireless technologies. All Landslide releases in the coming years will be rich with new 5G features so watch this space!

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New Features in 16.4

  • 5G
    • Control User Plan Separation
    • 5G Non-Standalone (NSA) dual connectivity 
  • Platforms
    • Fireball High Performance Data enhancements including support for HTTP traffic 
    • 802.11 AC Wave 2 option for E10
    • Significant data generation and analysis gains on the C50-S4 platform
  • IoT – support for IoT in the sequencer 
  • VoLTE, SIP & IMS Enhancements

16.4 Enhancements

Platform Enhancements

Fireball High Performance Data

16.4 is the fourth release of Landslide's new High-Performance Data mode which is available on both physical and virtual Test Servers. This release adds support for HTTP.

Want to combine voice and video RTP with HTTP data? And transmit at high data rates? It's no problem with Landslide!

AC Wave 2 with 4x4 MIMO and MU-MIMO

The Landslide E10 has a new hardware option which emulates up to 64 802.11AC Wave 2 Over-The-Air clients and includes 4x4 MIMO and MU-MIMO. Multiple Wave 2 E10s can be controlled by a C50 or C100 Test Manager to provide spatially-diverse, over-the-air, synchronized MU-MIMO testing of MU-MIMO APs. Great for R&D and turn-up testing.

Feature Enhancements

5G Evolution

It’s the beginning of a new generation for wireless technology. Earlier this week 3GPP released the 5G NR spec and today, Spirent announces the first to market solution for testing 5G Non-Standalone (NSA) dual connectivity on the Landslide platform.

Control User Plane Separation - CUPS

Originally planned for 5G, CUPS was brought forward into 3GPP Release 14.  LTE core network data and control plane separation simplifies decentralization of the mobile core. This benefits carriers by significantly reducing their backhaul expense while decreasing latency but requires increased testing as the number of nodes in the network increases.

New in 16.4, Landslide can test or emulate the primary CUPS-enabled nodes including SGW-U/SGW-C and PGW-U/PGW-C.


All over the globe, carriers are enhancing their business-class mobile solutions to take advantage of new IoT modes. Landslide already supports non-IP data messages for NB-IoT, CAT-M and SCEF node emulation, and true Loose Sync Timing for eDRX. 16.4 adds support for IoT in the sequencer simplifying the addition of IoT to complex call models.

VoLTE, SIP & IMS Enhancements

16.4 is the 18th release for Voice & IMS on Landslide.  This release adds many enhancements for VoLTE including support for IMS 3rd Party Registration and RTCP performance reporting for voice flows.

Supported Platforms & Hardware

  • Landslide C100-M4
  • Landslide C100-M2
  • Landslide C100-S2
  • Landslide C50 
  • Landslide E10
  • Landslide Virtual

See the release notes for further details

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