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IntOps, the new model to unlock the full potential of 5G

IntOps and the role of automated continuous testing — A Spirent and Deutsche Telekom Vision Paper

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Nothing in the 200-year history of the telecoms industry compares to the transformation taking place today as adoption of 5G and cloud technologies take off. The old ways of building, managing, and upgrading networks must be completely rethought to take full advantage of this change and to adapt to modern competitive realities.

This vision paper introduces a new model, called Integration Operations (IntOps), designed to help telecommunication providers undergoing the transition to 5G. The paper offers both strategic and tactical insights around adoption of IntOps, the importance of continuous testing and why both are vital to fully realizing the potential of 5G. A ten-step process for onboarding IntOps is presented, along with proof-points around the benefits supported by expert input from Deutsche Telekom and Spirent.

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