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Automated Conformance, Interoperability and System Testing

Product update:

December 19, 2019 - A new release of TTsuite-oneM2M v3.12.1 is available for download including support for oneM2M v3.12 TS-0004 standard transport and serialization and new test groups for Location, Announcement and Device Management.
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  • Conformance, interoperability & system testing
  • Test execution, test analysis, and report generation
  • Latest version of both release 1 and release 2 (Q4/2018) of the oneM2M standard
  • Bindings (transport protocols)
    • CoAP (TS-0008)
    • HTTP (TS-0009)
    • MQTT (TS-0010)
    • WebSockets TS-0020 (Q4/2018)
  • Serialization (as defined by TS-0004)
    • XML (eXtensible Markup Language)
    • JSON (JavaScript Object Notation)
    • CBOR (RFC 7049 Concise Binary Object Representation) (Q4/2018)


  • Open – tool, programming language, architecture
  • Standardized TTCN-3 code and interfaces proven and accepted by authorized bodies
  • Fully automated testing and analysis process
  • Early issue detection during the whole development process saving time and costs
  • Visual presentation of test case analysis results

ITS Test System

Extensible TTCN-3 Framework

  • Modularity enables instantiation of customized AE and CSE nodes
  • Reuse existing TTCN-3 code to design own test scenarios
  • Integrate own test access
  • Use existing test adaptation plugins to access sensors, actuators and other entities
  • TTplugins easily extend capabilities without any implementation effort
    • Web services: WSDL, Protobuf
    • Connectivity: AMQP, Ethernet, IP, TCP, UDP, Telnet, RS232, SIP
    • Codecs: Protobuf, ASN.1 encodings, generating proprietary codecs automatically

oneM2M Test Configurations

oneM2M Configurations

Spirent TTworkbench

oneM2M Test Configurations

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