A complete test solution to develop and validate eCall and ERA-GLONASS system modules

Verifying the functionality and conformance of eCall/ERA-GLONASS In Vehicle Systems (IVSs) or public safety answering points (PSAPs) is critical, due to the nature of the application. Spirent’s modular solution allows the user to simulate real world scenarios and conformance tests in a lab environment, and also offers performance testing and meets the Russian GOST-R specifications.

Features & Benefits

Flexible configuration
Modular design allowing simulation of full PSAP and IVS systems, GPS and/or GLONASS simulation and GSM network emulation
Certified solution
Approved for testing conformance with eCall CEN and ETSI standards as well as the Russian GOST-R specifications
Fast operation
Easy to use User Interface with Pass/Fail test results, and test automation support for repeatability testing

Testing eCall/ERA-GLONASS in a lab

When testing IVS or PSAP eCall/ERA-GLONASS components it is essential to have full control of
your test environment.

Rigorous, comparative testing relies on a level of absolute test repeatability that’s often unachievable in real-world conditions, especially given the constantly changing nature of many factors—e.g., the live GNSS signals environment.

This makes system simulation a key technique in any eCall test regime, helping to ensure the accurate reproduction of test cases, and giving component R&D teams the power to reliably benchmark performance, with automated, perfectly repeatable test runs.

Without simulation, eCall component testing can also prove slow and costly—it’s simply impractical to rely on a real PSAP every time you needed to test an IVS’s operation.

eCall Simulator

White Paper: What is eCall testing?

Get a fast introduction to eCall, and discover how to build a robust test regime for the development and validation of eCall modules.

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Data Sheet: eCall/ERA-GLONASS

Specifications of the eCall/ERA-GLONASS system, designed for development and validation of eCall and ERA-GLONASS system modules.

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