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Lab-to-Live Testing for Cloud-Based Networks & Services

A Spirent Guide

Lab-to-Live Testing for Cloud-Based Networks & Services

Greater technology complexity, growing supplier diversity, and shortened innovation and upgrade cycles are defining next-gen network deployments. Operators, network vendors, government entities and large enterprises are all bracing for change. DevOps practices of continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) are now part of every successful strategy.

Based on our work with global technology leaders, we understand CI/CD success is directly linked to implementation of an automated test and assurance layer commonly referred to as continuous testing and monitoring (CT/CM). We’ve learned that without an automated, seamlessly integrated CT/CM foundation, CI/CD collapses.

In this guide, we’ll explain how a lab-to-live approach, powered by unified, automated test and assurance can uniquely meet CT/ CM requirements. We’ll share our vision for CT and “active test” CM solutions that support new cloud-native architectures and span the entire lab-to-live technology lifecycle.

Critically, we’ll detail how early adopters have achieved 60% faster software releases and cost reductions of more than 80% following deployment of CT/CM solutions based on lab-to-live testing best practices.

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