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5G CNF Resiliency Testing

A Spirent Guide


Service providers expect 5G to help power critical business transformation by diversifying and growing revenue streams. The right strategy will support rollout of new services in weeks versus months, with always-on, high-performance, and expansive coverage attracting and delighting customers.

This vision cannot be achieved without cloud-native architectures, which service providersare adopting in anticipation of myriad benefits as they provide the foundation they need tosuccessfully pursue 5G opportunities across consumers and industry.

Cloud-native architectures represent a technology evolution to software-based services and networks that enable agility and efficiency. However, these advancements introduce considerable complexity.

This guide addresses the challenges associated with cloud-native mobile network deployments, and explores how test and assurance must evolve to mitigate service disruptions.

Spirent has the solutions needed for CNF resiliency testing and deep expertise working with customers to pioneer new approaches. CloudSure and Landslide play key roles in ensuring the resilience and stability of 5G cloud-native applications.

Spirent’s CNF resiliency testing identifies and resolves problems before they get into the production network – with solutions that focus on 5G and provide correlation from the impairment to the application layer.

CloudSure is a valuable tool for improving the reliability and resilience of 5G cloud-native applications by:

  • Identifying and fixing potential problems before they cause costly outages or other disruptions.

  • Reducing the costs of operating 5G networks and applications.

  • Proactively testing how the system will react to unexpected change so teams can identify and fix potential problems before they cause outages or other disruptions.

  • Improving reliability and resilience of 5G networks and applications to ensure they provide a high level of service to customers, even during unexpected events.

  • Exposing systems to controlled and intentional hard failures and performance degradations, to identify vulnerabilities, and improve fault tolerance and 5G core application performance.

  • Integrating CloudSure into a CI/CD/CT pipeline to identify and remediate potential vulnerabilities in applications and infrastructure early in the development cycle.

Spirent CloudSure builds off Spirent Landslide and enables existing Landslide customers to add CNF resiliency testing to existing test cases to gain system-level visibility into cloud-native environments. Adopting this continuous, proactive approach to 5G cloud-native validation lets communications service providers harness cloud-native efficiencies and ensure reliable 5G operations.

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