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Leading US operator’s Reverse Logistics Partner Improves User Experience of Refurbished Devices

Sunnyvale, Calif. – February 24, 2015 – Spirent Communications, the leader in user experience solutions for evaluating any IP-based device or service, today announced the deployment of its Acoustic Verification System (AVS) by a leading US operator’s reverse logistics partner. AVS, previously adopted by the US operator, is now deployed by their logistics partner to more accurately detect returned devices with serious audio quality issues. AVS improves previous evaluation processes by enabling device returns teams to run sophisticated acoustic speech quality tests on any returned unit in a matter of minutes.

To assess the potential benefits of AVS, the logistics partner evaluated hundreds of devices returned by subscribers due to poor audio quality. Using the device returns process in place prior to adopting AVS, the logistics partner selected a subset of these devices for which no issues were identified, called ‘No Fault Found’ devices. In testing of these ‘No Fault Found’ devices, AVS showed that more than 60 percent of the devices actually had serious audio issues. With AVS now deployed in the returns process, the operator expects to significantly improve the overall user experience of refurbished devices while reducing costs through better identification of in-warranty, defective devices.

“As more operators shift to installment-based device purchase and upgrade programs, their customers are now able to swap out old devices at a much faster rate,” said Des Owens, general manager, Service Experience and Assurance at Spirent. “This shift means it’s more critical than ever to ensure devices deliver a great experience across their lifecycle, from initial purchase to refurbishment and re-distribution. That’s been challenging in the past because of the high-volume of devices that move through logistics channels. AVS addresses this challenge by delivering reliable pass/fail analysis of user experience in a compact, easy to use system. AVS is enabling our customers to accurately identify poorly performing devices and improve user experience of both new and refurbished devices.”

AVS is part of Spirent’s suite of logistics solutions which enable operators and their forward and reverse logistics partners to evaluate the user experience of devices across categories including speech quality (for VoLTE, VoWiFi and 3G), file transfer speed, web browsing speed and battery life. Spirent’s logistics solutions are designed for the unique challenges of high-volume device evaluation, allowing devices to be evaluated in a matter of minutes with clear pass/fail results, extremely easy to use interfaces and the ability to be customized to specific logistics processes.

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