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Spirent Accelerates the Assessment of Network Predictability

Sunnyvale, Calif. – January 15, 2015 – Spirent Communications announced today the general availability of Spirent Velocity, a test bed orchestration and test case management solution. Spirent Velocity provides customers a single platform to rapidly create the test beds used to gain insight into the predictability of performance, availability and scalability for both physical and virtual environments.

Physical device testing requires coordination of multiple groups, often geographically separated, creating bottlenecks and delays, ultimately jeopardizing release schedules. In virtual testing, the challenge lies in creating virtual machines (VMs) and the connections between them and the other virtual elements in the test bed. The complexity increases for both types of environments as tests are scaled-up to determine device or system breaking limits.

Spirent Velocity offers a complete test orchestration solution for lab and test case management, including turn-up testing, end-to-end feature testing of SDN/NFV, or practically any test scenario that involves virtualized test beds. Spirent Velocity extends its capabilities of managing physical test beds with a drag and drop interface. The solution enables users to easily recreate environments so that resources can be shared and tests can be connected and executed faster reducing overall time-to-market for product development time regardless of the test bed size.

The benefits of Spirent Velocity include the following:

  • Identify resource bottlenecks - Increase process visibility by identifying potential bottlenecks, under-utilized resources, and individuals’ usage of the resources through real-time reports.

  • Easily configure the topology - Build topologies that define the relationship of resources within a test bed. Reserve those resources, automate the interconnection of the physical devices using L1 cross-connect switches, and notify lab technicians of physical connections that require their attention to complete the setup of the test bed.

  • Flexible SDN/NFV network testing - Reduce time-to-market of virtualized solutions, minimizing ramp up time by removing the complexity of creating a virtualized environment. Virtual machines can be spun up on-the-fly allowing developers and testers of any skill level to execute test cases.

  • Ensure End-to-end orchestration - Leverage existing systems and tools to orchestrate a complete end-to-end test. Reduce CAPEX and OPEX via lab equipment consolidation. Velocity provides centralized management of all lab resources while simultaneously providing 24/7 worldwide access for all users.

  • Collaborate & reuse - Improve productivity through a central repository allowing test cases to be leveraged throughout the entire organization. Development and QA groups can reuse work to increase team efficiency. Test cases can be combined into playlists simplifying regression testing of features or functions.

“Many organizations struggle with providing their development and quality assurance teams with the resources needed to effectively assess the quality of their product while still holding the line on Capex spending and adopting new processes like DevOps and Agile development,” said Wes Hand, director of solutions marketing at Spirent Communications. “Spirent Velocity allows users to quickly create topologies in which test cases can be executed regardless if the test environment is physical, virtual or both. It accelerates the assessment of networks to ensure predictability.”

For more information on Spirent Velocity visit http://www.spirent.com/Products/velocity

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