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Standardization of VoIP for Air Traffic Management

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How VOID Sistemas gains compliance to the EUROCAE ED 137B standard

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Reaching a Milestone with VOTER Test Tool

Securing the evolution of VOTER with TTCN-3 Conformance testing

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Automated Testing using TTworkbench

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TTworkbench offers automation efficiency for end user testing

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Case Studies

Creating an automated testing bench based on TTworkbench
Testing SIP signaling compliancy with TTCN-3 tools of Testing Technologies
Creating an automated test platform for a Localization Service
Understanding TTCN-3 testing technology and evaluating suitability of non-communication domains
Global standardization of Voice over IP in the world of Air Traffic Management – Reaching a milestone with the VOTER test tool
Using TTCN-3 and TTworkbench for automation of system and component testing of the R&S ACCESSNET®-T TETRA Network
Using TTCN-3 and TTworkbench to assist functional and regression testing of a financial data warehouse system for an international bank
Using TTworkbench at the University of Applied Sciences of the Saarland
Using TTworkbench in Networking Courses for Graduate Students at Tsinghua University
Testing standard compliancy of a Voice Communications System (VCS)

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TTworkbench is the full-featured integrated test development and execution environment (IDE) for any kind of test automation project. This technology-independent tool can be deployed for testing products and services in a wide range of different industry sectors.

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