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The Definitive 5G Report from the Leader of 5G Automated Test and Assurance Solutions

Our fourth annual 5G report, 2023: Market Drivers, Insights & Considerations, helps service providers continue the race to revenue with insightful data and practical information covering topics like:

  • New data on 5G, and how a continuous integration and deployment approach to development has led to a faster time to market at lower cost

  • How operators are exploring and realizing more paths to 5G revenue

  • Huge revenue opportunities around 5G’s explosive adoption

  • 5G trends Spirent is watching most closely

  • The roadmap to 5G revenue and how automation is critical on the journey

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The pursuit of new revenues

Spirent’s focus has always been on helping customers confidently race forward in pursuit of new 5G revenues, even as they face excessive technical complexity, fierce competition and continued market uncertainty.

The journey to 5G revenues is on, but there's certainly more than one path to take. Learn more about the multiple testing routes to revenue in this report.

The future of 5G is clear

The past four years have brought the 5G opportunity into clearer view; we no longer need a crystal ball to see 5G’s bright future.

With 2,600 engagements and counting, 5G has made it clear that testing is not something that is done just once–it must continue in the live network with a well-defined continuous integration and deployment approach.

Don’t be left behind. Access the definitive guide to 5G today and continue your race to revenue in 2023!