How You Make the Knowledge Base Better

By simply using the Spirent Knowledge Base (KB) you play an important role in making it better, whether you know it or not. How? Part of delivering a useful and relevant KB is understanding how our customers are using it. To that end, we pay attention to a wide variety of measures, and we use those metrics to guide us on what’s needed to improve your experience. Learn about an example after the jump.

For example, if we see the same search term trending up, this points us to a common question or issue our customers are having. We can respond by creating content which directly answers that search (if none exists) or further improve the content so readers have more detailed help and explanations. We recently noticed the search term “device commander” became one of our most popular terms. This was initially puzzling, since it is an older product with a limited distribution. After some investigation, we discovered that during the installation of our Spirent TestCenter product, the application was also asking about whether to install Device Commander. We quickly authored an article explaining the details of Device Commander during the Spirent TestCenter installation.

Other metrics we look at include:

  • Countries visiting the Customer Service Center (CSC): 136 as of June 21, 2013
  • The most popular KB articles: you can see this yourself on the CSC home page
  • The response time of the KB servers: 0.68 seconds in May 2013
  • The top browsers being used to visit: Microsoft Internet Explorer represents about 48% of the browsers, Chrome about 25%, Firefox about 23%

We’ll dive into more details and how we use them in future postings. In the meantime, leave your thoughts below!

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