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Are you in With the Popular Crowd?

Much of my high school days were spent in attempts to be popular—a truly hopeless effort. I was way too nerdy to quite fit in, and no amount of fashion clothing nor effusive praise when signing yearbooks was going to change that. Luckily, the world has changed for the better for nerdy folks, but it was always easy to know who were the popular kids back then and what the popular trends were (still have my acid-washed jeans, because I know someday, they’ll be back!).

Just like high school, it’s easy to know what’s popular in the Knowledge Base. It can point you to content that is considered the most useful or helpful, and may introduce you to new ideas and topics to learn how to better use your Spirent products. A listing of the most popular articles in the Knowledge Base is found on the CSC home page:

Knowledge Base Popular Articles

This is great, but given the vast array of products that Spirent offers, there’s a good chance that the ten articles there may not fit your situation. No problem, popularity seeker! Popular articles are displayed everywhere it makes sense. To get a list of the most popular FAQs, just click “FAQs” at the top. The “Popular FAQs” list appears on the right. If you want to get even more specific, further click on a category under “Available Categories”. In this screenshot, I’ve navigated to FAQs > Hardware > Avalanche > Appliance, resulting in a list of FAQs pertaining to just Avalanche appliances.

Knowledge Base FAQs

This is your key to popularity, at least on the KB. And really, once you’ve got the "KB Members Only" jacket, who knows what else might come your way!

Want to be popular here and right now? Join the conversation below.

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