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Whether you are developing a smartphone for immediate global sale, or designing the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) technology of the future, BeiDou-2 is big news. For those outside the world of GNSS, keeping track of China’s developing satellite constellation—and its developing nomenclature—can be far from easy.

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CNSS is the Compass Navigation Satellite System, which will eventually comprise up to 30 medium-earth-orbit satellites and five geosynchronous satellites to provide true global coverage. This Chinese system is distinct from that country's existing Beidou I satellite system, which has been operating since 2003 but provides only domestic coverage using three geosynchronous satellites. Like other systems, the CNSS will provide two levels of service. The free service for civilian users will offer p...

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By Spirent On July 28, 2010
Beidou, Compass, GSS8000

The latest contender in the global navigation sweepstakes has moved a little closer with the launch of the fourth satellite in China's second-generation Beidou constellation during the first week of June 2010. Beidou (which means Big Dipper) will cover all of China and neighbouring lands by 2012, and will then be expanded to provide global coverage through a constellation of 35 Compass satellites by 2020. Compass will differ from other GNSS systems in that five of the intended 35 satellites wil...

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