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Building off of my previous post, “Why the Smartphone is the New Ball & Chain,” I suppose we’ve all adapted to the current battery life situation, even if we don’t love it. That includes device makers and the broader industry as well as device consumers like myself. Unfortunately, the smartphone trends hide a concerning issue that could make the current situation even worse—unless the industry changes course.

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About ten years ago, I had this lovely little silver device that fit in the palm of my hand and I remember thinking, "mobile devices can’t get much better than this." I could talk for hours and hours and send text messages when I couldn’t talk. Ok, so I couldn't check my email or browse the web, but who cared ten years ago? And best of all, I could charge up and go for days without the need to plug in. I was free. The untethered dream had been realized. Little did I know, the smartphone was coming—and that it was going to be the end of my untethered dream.

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