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Fortinet selected Spirent to independently validate the performance of its new Data Center firewall: the FortiGate-3810D. One of the objectives was to determine that there is no performance degradation between IPv4 and IPv6 traffic on Fortinet’s new Network Processor (NP6).

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Although analysts track industry growth in multiple segments, it is difficult to forecast new technologies. The test experts at Spirent have a unique perspective of the industry by working with the world’s largest network equipment manufacturers and service providers developing and deploying next-generation solutions.

Here are a few of our predictions of the top trends for 2013:

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Will the new high-speed, high-port density switching fabrics perform at the level required to deliver high-bandwidth, low latency content? Not long ago we were debating whether there was a market for 40G and 100G Ethernet. Now we can't get it fast enough. At the Technology Exploration Forum in Santa Clara, CA in September, 2009, Facebook engineer Donn Lee said that the Facebook network would require a 64 Tbps data center aggregation layer by the end of 2010. Unfortunately, the technology didn&rs...

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