Spirent’s Automation Streamline your DevOps Continuous Testing

What is DevOps and Continuous Testing (CT) and Why You Should Care
Spirent’s new eBook explains how DevOps and Continuous Test yield major benefits including faster release delivery, higher quality and lower costs.

DevOps combines the skills and practices of Software Development and Quality Assurance (QA) teams. Today’s software development requirements necessitate that testing happens much more frequently. In fact, the ideal is to reach Continuous Testing. However, because the development and QA teams are organized as two different groups, and employ different test tools, it takes reengineering of the process to gain the benefits.

DevOps InfinityAchieving Continuous Testing Requires a Concerted Effort
As just mentioned, CT has many benefits. However, achieving these gains requires that testing happens earlier in the development cycle. This is referred to as “shift left.” By shifting left, developers perform testing at an earlier stage in the cycle than happens traditionally and occurs before QA is involved. With CT, development teams take advantage of QA’s knowledge of real world use cases and customer environments.

This eBook describes the various roadblocks that need to be. Bottom line, Continuous Testing is NOT about adding a new stage into an existing pipeline, but about integrating CT methodologies into each stage of your pipeline.

Bridging the Chasm
Spirent’s Automation Platforms provide the bridge that will enable you to close the chasm between Development and QA. Our solution ensures that the different teams are empowered with the same understanding of the end customers’ use cases and operational environments, thus increasing engineering efficiency. Our new eBook explains Continuous Testing, the chasm between engineering and QA, and how to bridge that chasm. Learn how Spirent’s Automation platforms enable your development and QA teams to work more effectively together.

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