Manage Application Traffic with Next-Gen Firewall Testing

If you have a smartphone, you’ve probably downloaded an app in the last couple of weeks.  And if you didn’t, you’ve probably used a non-approved IT app at some point.

Today, the line that separates professional work from personal work is blurred. Working professionals often work longer than the 9-5 that once was a typical ‘work day’.  Workers also often use the company phone or computer to check personal emails, websites unrelated to work, or current events.  Although it might just be a mere fraction of the workday, these activities create a potential nightmare for IT organizations. Websites with malicious software can infect a network.

How can IT stop this?  Disabling all non-work related sites is one method. This method is problematic because the Internet is often used for research.  Instead, IT teams can manage these activities through the firewall.  In particular, they can utilize next-gen firewalls to analyze application traffic.

In addition to the ability to detect attack traffic, next-gen firewalls can also block known traffic from apps such as the popular Facebook game ‘Farmville’.  The firewalls won’t stop users from accessing Facebook, but it will prevent them from getting distracted by their virtual farm.

Analyzing and blocking traffic are just two features of next-gen firewalls. The critical question is: Do these firewalls work? And if so, how much will they impact network performance?

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