NGN Delivery Solutions Conference 2012

I’m looking forward to the NGN Delivery Solutions 2012 event which will be held November 27-28 in London. Since Network Automation is one of the themes of this year’s event, it’s definitely a good fit for NTAF. In addition to co-sponsoring the event, along with the MEF, NTAF will be well represented in person by its President, Keith Kidd, and by its Marketing Vice Chair, Ameya Barve, both of whom will be speakers.

Keith will deliver opening remarks for the conference where he will introduce NTAF. He also be the speaker for the first session, where he will be addressing the added demand on CSP networks, and explaining the requirement for self-aware and optimized networks. He will also provide an update on NTAF and its standards. This should be interesting since the current standards being worked on have only been seen so far by NTAF members. Also on the first day, Ameya, will provide an update on ITO (Infrastructure Test Optimization) and its relevance to carriers and service providers. Finally, both will be part of a panel on devising and implementing an automated testing strategy, which is again very relevant to NTAF.

The event as a whole has an impressive line-up of speakers from key service providers and labs around the world. While each speaker’s experience is certainly unique, one can also detect emerging common themes, including automation. It will be great for NTAF’s representatives to connect with the individuals who are tasked with conquering these challenges, and show how NTAF’s efforts are aligned with their efforts.

(Todd Law is vice-president of NTAF, and a senior product manager at Spirent Communications)

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Watch this space for NTAF’s impressions and feedback on this conference!

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