Driving Real Application Traffic Through Junosphere Virtual Infrastructure

Today, Juniper announced Junosphere™ Lab, an innovative on-demand service that gives service providers and enterprises immediate and low cost access to a virtualized environment for designing and testing networks. Very cool stuff – leveraging the power of the cloud and helping customers dramatically reduce their TCO while accelerating the time to model networks.

Real Traffic in a Virtual Environment

So when you spin up a network environment and model a production topology, you’ll then need a way to create realistic application traffic to understand its impact across the network. That’s where we come in.
Spirent (formerly Mu) Studio Performance has been integrated into the Junosphere Lab so you can just as easily spin up (and tear down) virtual instances of our performance testing solution to quickly and accurately recreate a mix of applications that represent the production environment – that is, real users on real devices, running real applications.

By exercising the application-layer capabilities of the Juniper products, you can determine true system behavior. What this means is that network personnel can validate their application-level policies pertaining to things like security or traffic classification.

Recreating a Mix of Apps

So let’s say you want to quickly recreate the effect of 10,000 users, running a mix of different applications over the network as follows:

  • 50% Video (Netflix, Hulu, YouTube)
  • 20% P2P (BitTorrent, Gnutella)
  • 15% Social media (Facebook, Twitter)
  • 10% Games (Mafia Wars, Angry Birds)
  • 5% Business Apps (Oracle, SQL Server, Yahoo! Mail)

All you do is simply drag and drop the tests and tracks from the integrated online test store (Spirent [formerly Mu] TestCloud), configure the scenario with the above metrics and hit the run button. At that point, your virtualized network feels the effects of the users and applications running, and acts accordingly. See the pictures below of both the integrated test store and the management software for running the tests.

With our ability to test virtualized networks using virtualized software, this new delivery model provides customers with fast, easy and low-cost access to our performance testing solution.

Accurately testing your network is all about making everything as real as possible. By partnering with Juniper, Spirent (formerly Mu) now offers an integrated solution within the virtualized Junosphere Labs. Sometimes you need to choose between what is real and what is virtual – now, with a virtualized deployment model for Spirent (formerly Mu) Studio Performance, you get both!


Fig. 1 – Spirent (formerly Mu) TestCloud provides an integrated store of ready-to-run application tests


Fig. 2 – Spirent (formerly Mu) Studio Performance recreates a mix of applications to understand the impact of users on your network

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