Steve Hickling

Steve Hickling

Steve Hickling is lead product manager for Spirent’s GNSS simulator business and is based at the factory in Paignton, England. Previously he has held a variety of marketing, technical and management roles in the telecoms and optical components industries. He holds a BSc in Physics and Electronic Engineering from Birmingham University, an MBA from OUBS and a PGDipM from the CIM.

When away from the office Steve enjoys motorcycling and holds a private pilots license.

Recent Posts

EGNOS: Fit to FLy

The recent certification of the European Geostationary Navigation Overlay Service (EGNOS) for safety of life applications now means that its performance is of a high enough standard that it can be used for aviation. Pilots can reliably use it as a navigation tool, enhancing the performance of stand-alone GPS. This means navigations systems for aircraft can now be produced knowing that the systems they will use are certified, robust and reliable. Designers and manufacturers of these systems will...

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