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Seizing the Carrier Ethernet Opportunity

Leveraging New Service Activation Testing Standards and Automated Service Assurance


The increasing demand for Ethernet services, particularly from enterprises, is great news for service providers, but it comes with demands for better service quality and faster responsiveness to service change requests. Delivering on these demands can be challenging, especially for service providers that rely on labor-intensive testing processes for service activation testing (SAT).

In this paper, we examine the challenges providers face activating Ethernet and IP services, and show how new standards ensure thorough and accurate activation and benchmarking of services. The paper covers the evolution of SAT for Ethernet and IP Services, the similarities and differences of Ethernet and IP SAT and how the migration to network functions virtualization (NFV) will increase the importance of SAT. It also discusses how new standards can be integrated into an automated service assurance platform to achieve faster time to revenue and reduced time to resolve service issues. Lastly, the paper provides some practical examples outlining how automated assurance delivers benefits for SAT, troubleshooting and performance monitoring.

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