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The Technology Behind the Fastest, Most Reliable Wi-Fi Ever

A Wi-Fi 7 eBook

Wi-Fi 7 eBook cover Technology Behind Fastest Wi-fi

Wi-Fi is counted on by most American households and it’s available in cafes, fitness centers, planes, parks – just about everywhere and, often, for free. Once spotty service has given way to an increasingly reliable and ubiquitous means to check notifications, stream videos, work remotely, and so much more.

The more advanced Wi-Fi becomes, the more use cases it can support. Applications like multiplayer gaming, AR/VR headsets, and 4K video are now within scope for Wi-Fi despite requiring substantially more bandwidth and lower latency. The latest advancements found in Wi-Fi 7 are poised to unleash a new wave of applications and drive the adoption of innovative new devices. As Wi-Fi proves more capable and the use cases become more ambitious, the margin for error drops, and the stakes rise. Wi-Fi 7 promises to support not just demanding consumer services but mission-critical enterprise applications as well. It's about going beyond mere connectivity to illuminating the future of connectivity performance. And with unprecedented speeds, unparalleled reliability, and unmatched efficiency, Wi-Fi 7 is here to elevate all expectations, because customers expect more.

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