The 5G Transformation Needs Automated Assurance Now

5G is intensifying the rate of digital transformation for Communications Service Providers (CSPs) as they respond to challenges on multiple fronts. To deliver on their promises to their customers of digital transformation and 5G, CSPs must embrace extreme operations automation and look at every opportunity to reduce human intervention. Spirent has pioneered a new approach to enabling operational automation with automated assurance, called Lifecycle Service Assurance (LSA). LSA helps operators accelerate the service lifecycle, reduce costs, and enable differentiated quality that helps them to acquire and retain happy, loyal customers.

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Automate Your Network Now: SD-WAN & 5G Case Studies

This joint Analysys Mason & Spirent webinar explains how Automated Assurance systems are transforming to support service provider automation needs for today’s networks. Several real-world case studies are discussed including SD-WAN, 5G and more.

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How to deliver robust automation in time for 5G

Leading CSPs are issuing an urgent call to the industry to collaborate to deliver robust automation for 5G. This webinar explains how use cases such as network slice activation offer low-hanging fruit to achieve early automation wins.

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Make network automation fast and cost-effective with unified service assurance.

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VisionWorks CEA

Improve service quality by tracking QoE targets. Save millions in operations and customer care costs.

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VisionWorks MSA

Proactively test mobile services from end-to-end to rapidly detect and resolve complex issues.

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VisionWorks TSA

Automate physical and early-stage virtual networks with cloud-native service assurance.

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Umetrix - Evaluate video, data & voice user experience

User Experience Evaluation Platform

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Evaluate device and network readiness to assure quality of experience.

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DevOps Solutions

Spirent’s Test and Lab-as-a-Service Platforms work together to provide a differentiated Continuous Test management solution which integrates seamlessly into your DevOps workflow.

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