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It’s Time to Be Proactive: Why 5G, SD-WAN and NFV require automated Active Assurance


Containing issues in today’s networks is a never-ending effort—and getting more intense as networks evolve to 5G, SD-WAN, and NFV. As networks are virtualized to support these next-gen services, manual troubleshooting simply can’t keep up. Service providers need new methods for assuring the network.

This white paper explores two paths available for assuring the network: traditional passive assurance, relying on metrics collected passively as subscribers use the network. And active assurance, which utilizes highly realistic synthetic user traffic injected into the network at various points to assess performance and quality.

Read the white paper to learn:

  • How do passive and active assurance differ and why that difference matters

  • The comparative strengths and weaknesses of the two approaches

  • Why active assurance is an essential enabler of the automation needed to successfully ensure differentiated performance and quality for next-gen services

By linking passive and active assurance, service providers are able to truly close the loop of continuous, automated testing.

Download the White Paper