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Test as a Service for Wi-Fi Devices

Ensuring Wi-Fi performance for a superior customer experience.


Let Spirent do the Testing for You

The Wi-Fi industry is going through major and rapid technology evolutions, enabling many new residential and enterprise use cases. With new technologies such as Wi-Fi 6 and 6E, testing is more important than ever, but the complexities and challenges of testing can be overwhelming for any organization.

Spirent's comprehensive Test as a Service for Wi-Fi Devices offering covers all phases of product life cycles, enabling you to develop, deploy, and optimize next-generation Wi-Fi products quickly and efficiently.

Send Us Your Wi-Fi Devices

Owning and managing complex test setups for rapidly evolving Wi-Fi technologies may not make business sense for some manufacturers and developers. With Spirent TaaS, our in-house experts can provide instant access to advanced testing and failure analysis that will greatly decrease reduce time to market and increase quality of performance.

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Simplifying Wi-Fi Testing for You

Wi-Fi Test as a Service

Automated Testing of Key Industry and Performance Standards

Spirent TaaS capabilities include the Broadband Forum’s TR-398 standardized tests for measuring the on-premises performance of access points and reference stations; RFC 2544 benchmarking performance; and interoperability and performance testing for mesh systems.

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Learn how our testing services for Wi-Fi could benefit your business.