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OCTOBOX Automated Wireless Testbeds

Compact, stackable testbeds for automated validation of Wi-Fi and 5G networks and devices.



The OCTOBOX testbed is a customizable set of isolated chambers and instruments for testing over-the-air (OTA) Wi-Fi or 5G network equipment and devices by simulating real world environments such as interference, traffic, and mesh handover, in a stable, automated, repeatable testing environment. The system supports Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 and TR-398 performance standards. The testbed is configured with multiple chambers to mimic conditions found in a home, office, and other environments and reduces wireless testing from weeks to hours.

Wireless Testing Made Easy

As wireless complexity surges and new, intensive use cases emerge, ensuring quality has never been more important or more difficult. OCTOBOX testbeds are ready to automate critical performance tests right out of the box, featuring open APIs for rapid integration with other lab testing and automation systems.

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Latest in Wi-Fi / 5G Network Testing

The unique integration of the OCTOBOX testbed and the Vertex channel emulator brings new advanced capabilities to test both Wi-Fi and 5G in expanded scope and reach.

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Latest in Wi-Fi / 5G Network Testing

Driving Tangible Value

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Wireless Testbed Configurations

Compact, stackable testbeds for automated validation of Wi-Fi and 5G networks and devices.


OCTOBOX testbeds are compact, stackable testing environments for evaluating the performance of Wi-Fi and 5G network equipment and devices. Choose from pre-configured, turnkey options such as STACK-MIN, STACK-MID, or STACK-MAX, or build your own testbed by selecting from our building blocks.

"OCTOBOX is a new generation of small RF chambers and a major step up in terms of isolation, robustness and ease of use. Its solid construction, equipped with high-speed data filters, makes our test setup neat, easy to access and impervious to interference."
Sorin Kevorchian
Ph.D., RAN Lab Test Engineer, T-Mobile
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Learn how our compact, stackable testbeds for Wi-Fi and 5G could benefit your business.