Spirent Velocity

Virtual and physical testbed orchestration and test case management


Spirent Velocity

Spirent Velocity is an integrated lab management and test execution solution for elastic test labs. It coordinates, orchestrates, manages and monitors physical and virtual environments as well as facilitates lab consolidation. Its drag and drop interface allows testers to quickly create and execute complex test scenarios while its multi-user reservation system prevents resource conflicts even with teams spanning multiple continents.

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Optimal Lab Management Blueprint

Woman and man looking at a server rack

This Lab Management solution blueprint defines best practices for all aspects of lab management. It applies whether an organization is just getting started with creating a lab or currently has established labs that they want to improve.

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Take advantage of the benefits that online, self-service labs provide—such as on-demand, remote operations and administration, and equipment consolidation to reduce CapEx and offer 24/7 availability for maximum utilization. This LaaS solution white paper applies to any form of lab operating in a private, public, or hybrid cloud.

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Lab Administration
Automation Applications

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Discover how lab administrators can get tasks done more efficiently, quickly, accurately and consistently through automation. This paper describes examples of lab automation applications and relevant skills, tools and practices that are applicable for each lab administration automation application.

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Spirent's Velocity
Layer 1 solution

Lab consolidation, increasing network speeds, resource optimization; these are all things that could be affecting your labs. Are you looking for your lab to be fully automated or for complete flexibility for your lab users? With Spirent’s Velocity Layer 1 solution, including the Calient Optical Circuit Switch (OCS), your lab will be fully automated and remotely accessible to your users.

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Spirent CLEAR Lab Management Case Studies


CLEAR Lab Management Regression Cycle

Improves Time-to-Market for a major Service Provider: Managed Cloud Computing (USA)

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CLEAR Lab Automation Testers

Enabling Wireless Service Provider
Multi-vendor Test Lab (USA)

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Features & Benefits

Virtual and Physical Topology Generation
Create, edit and manage topologies through a web interface using flowchart based, non-programmer friendly automation design.
Centralized Repository of Equipment
and Test Cases
Eliminate wasted time searching for inventory and test cases through a central inventory repository.
Reservation and Scheduling With Calendar Privacy
Execute regression tests using a calendar view displaying available timeslots and potential conflicts.
Graphical Resource Utilization Reports
Resource utilization shows potential bottlenecks and what equipment is being underutilized.
Detailed Results of Test Execution
Step-by-step test execution results including response values to quickly drill down into results to understand why a test failed and help you isolate the problem.
Automated Manual Cable Change Workflow
Automatic cable change workflow notification to lab technicians which ports that need to be connected for a test.
High Availability and Fault Tolerant
Protection from hypervisor and VM failures through VMware HA support, Velocity Health Checks and proactive alerts upon service impairments.
Nest Topologies
Maximize reuse of common topologies by simply nesting them as a sub-topology.
Named Abstract Resources
Abstract naming support so resources can be labelled with names familiar to the test team.
Console Access and REST API Support
Simplify configuration by using familiar tools (e.g., SSH, Telnet, HTTP, Terminal Server, etc.) to configure devices directly in real-time. Published REST API to interoperate with external systems providing closed-loop execution support.
Permissions-Based Reservations
Admin ability to set reservation Time Quotas to prevent user groups from reserving equipment for long durations that prevent others from executing tests.
VLAN Tagging Support
User defined and auto-VLAN tagging support to access devices that maybe isolated through switches in the lab.
Startup/Teardown Tasks With Parameters
Easily create a sequenced list of startup/teardown tasks with parameters for complex setup/teardown.
Virtual Template Sync
Virtual images can now be managed natively from the Velocity User Interface and virtual topologies can be auto-updated when template parameters changed saving time.

Connection Management


Realize more with Spirent Velocity

  • Increase revenue by getting products to market faster
  • Reduce cost by increasing utilization of investments
  • Catch defects earlier in the process saving costly rework
Customer satisfaction
Customer Satisfaction
  • Reduce number of released defects through increased test coverage
  • Test new functionality without compromising quality
  • Incorporate customer use cases as part of the regression
  • Automate repetitive tasks
  • Reuse test cases as part of Best Practices
  • Enable the organization to easily create and execute test cases
  • Increase insight into test progress
  • Identify resource bottlenecks
  • Determine collaboration level

Spirent CLEAR Lab Management

Using Velocity, Spirent’s CLEAR Lab Management Solution improves lab user experience and efficiency, simplifies lab administration, improves resource utilization and improves ROI.

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Velocity Videos

Virtual Template Synchronization

Virtual template synchronization is a flexible and powerful capability that allows users to choose between static template settings and dynamic settings inherited from the abstract template layer.

Administrative Enhancements

Provides a great utility to administrators who are tasked with managing the dynamic environment of enterprise labs. Delivering needed power and flexibility into the hands of the lab admin, the environment soon becomes as flexible and manageable.

Graphical Utilization

Velocity’s graphical utilization reporting makes it easy to identify trends, plan for upcoming demand, and optimize resources in a multi-user, multi-project environment.


By using dynamic parameters in startup tasks, users can schedule test cases to run in the future with no supervision necessary. This leads to greater utilization of lab resources, increased efficiency in test cycles, and the ability to apply continuous integration practices to virtual environments.

VLAN Enhancements

VLAN enhancements brings great power and flexibility to users who need to create complex, custom, Layer-2 topologies with domain specific VLAN identifiers.


Console Access

With console access, a single, integrated UI that provides self-service to users needing to gain access to resources, build topologies, and connect to resources using an array of access methods.


Named Abstract Resources

Abstract resources provide an efficient way to create and re-use specific conditional selection language across the team. Labeling and selecting abstract resources bring an efficient workflow to sharing resources across the organization.


Fixed/Dynamic Parameters for Startup Tasks

By using dynamic parameters in startup tasks, users can schedule test cases to run in the future with no supervision necessary. This leads to greater utilization of lab resources, increased efficiency in test cycles, and the ability to apply continuous integration practices to virtual environments.


Test case authoring and execution with Spirent iTest

Spirent iTest is an integrated test authoring and execution tool built for testers, developers, and automation teams. Its interactive approach to rapidly developing, automating, and easily maintaining test cases makes it the ideal test solution for agile development and continuous integration processes.

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The CLEAR Advantage

Spirent CLEAR solutions are a unique, tailored approach to test automation and lab optimization. CLEAR solutions address the challenges facing teams that inhibit successful adoption of a better process and avoid the pitfalls of many failed test automation projects.

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What to test


Testbed orchestration

Create, save, and automatically stand-up and tear-down physical and virtual test topologies


Resource management

Discover, import, create and report resource inventories and utilization


Advanced test management

Integrated repositories, dynamic test schedules and test reporting


Virtual or physical resources

Test with physical, virtual or mixed physical/virtual resources and topologies


Test automation

Integrates test automation with topology orchestration


Manual workflows

Enter and assign user tickets to simplify workflow and documentation

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