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Spirent Velocity Framework


Spirent is delivering the leading Lab as a Service (LaaS) and Test as a Service (TaaS) solutions today. This white paper details the Velocity Framework. It explains how your organization can develop on top of each component of the Framework in order for your organization to meet its time-to-market and quality objectives while cutting costs. The Velocity Framework turbo-charges your DevOps workflows with Continuous Testing across all your test beds.

The Framework is designed and architected according to 4 Build It Smart (BIS) imperatives. They are:

  1. Built in Simplicity: Purpose-built and customizable LaaS/TaaS foundation services enable your developers to efficiently personalize for your organization’s needs

  2. Built in Speed: Dynamic, on-demand test environments can be rapidly and reliably delivered

  3. Built in Savings: Leverage Spirent’s over 100 person-years investment in customizable software services. You build only what’s needed to create your own LaaS/TaaS experience

  4. Built in Scalability: The Velocity platform scales up and down to satisfy your testing capacity demands

Download the white paper to learn more about how Spirent‘s Velocity Framework will help your organization apply BIS principles to increase quality and yield time-to-market gains while optimizing engineering efficiency.

Download the White Paper