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Measure what matters: assure a quality video, data and voice experience on any device, operating system, or network.


Mobile Video Streaming: Buffering…

We did a study of mobile video streaming across different carriers, devices, and services.  View some surprising results, what motivates consumers to look elsewhere, and how Spirent can help you keep your customers happy.

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Field Testing 5G Data Challenges and Assuring Performance

The race is on to deliver 5G services. Take a quick look at the 5G standardization timeline, new challenges and consumer expectations, and what’s different about testing 5G data performance in the field.

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Video Quality Challenges

Video is steadily rising toward becoming the de facto standard for personal communications. Expanding beyond traditional telecommunications and cable networks, more and more players are entering the arena to deliver richer multimedia experiences capable of high-quality video calling, streaming, broadcast and virtual reality. For content providers and distribution channels alike, it is important to note that each type of video has its own unique characteristics and challenges that can greatly affect the user experience. Understanding these complexities is key.

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Measuring Video Quality Using AI

Streaming video services are now pervasive, and with wide availability of high performing cellular and broadband networks, video-over-mobile is truly exploding. But in delivering the high-quality experience that viewers now expect, dozens of factors come into play at every stage - from servers to networks to a multitude of devices – that can adversely affect video quality.

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Umetrix Video
Assess end-to-end experience of video performance for mobile and home.
Umetrix Data
Measure, evaluate, and compare user experience for any data service.
Umetrix Voice
Evaluate the user experience of voice services to resolve issues faster.
Umetrix Logging & Analysis
Understand and triage the root cause of any user experience issues.
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