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Test smarter with award-winning Layer 2-7 router, switch, application, and security test solutions in a portable form factor.


Test Smarter with Unprecedented Scale and Realism

Our Appliances offer the power of Spirent’s award-winning Layer 2-7 router, switch, and application and security test solutions in a portable form factor. Service providers, NEMs, and Enterprises wishing to keep pace with the latest technologies use Spirent TestCenter as their end-to-end testing solution: 

  • Verify scale, reliability, performance of Ethernet services 

  • Wi-Fi 6 multi-client & AP emulation for access points and device testing 

  • Test V2X and in-vehicle networks to accelerate development and improve quality of Automotive Ethernet products and solutions 

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Automotive Ethernet Network Testing (Hyundai)

Learn how Spirent assisted the Hyundai design team to create the best Ethernet designs, and ensure their next-generation automobile conforms to IP and AVB standards.

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Ensuring next-generation vehicles conform to IP and AVB standards

Features & Datasheets

Spirent TestCenter Appliances

Appliances for functional, performance and conformance testing of Ethernet, Wireless LAN (WLAN), and Automotive Ethernet.

Spirent C1 Appliance
Complete Layer 2-7 test solution at entry level price point.
Spirent C2 Appliance
Layer 2-7 router, switch, and application traffic testing for lab and live networking.
Spirent C50 Appliance
Layer2–7 testing, 3U form factor for benchtop or traditional lab environments.
Spirent C50-100G Appliance
Multispeed 100/50/40/25/10G, Layer2–7 traffic generation, analysis, network emulation, application layer protocols.
Spirent BASE-T Noise Testing Solution
Impairment generator delivers physical layer impairments to traffic at speeds up to 10Gbps.
Spirent C1 Wi-Fi 802.11ac Wave-2
Compact, 2U desktop appliance for Wi-Fi performance, functional testing with multi-client emulation.
Spirent C2 WLAN 802.11AX Appliance
Wi-Fi 6 testing integrated with Base-T 5-speed (100Mbps/2.5Gbps/5Gbps/10Gbps) Ethernet interface, 2U high.
Spirent C50 Wi-Fi 802.11ax WLAN DFS
802.11ax WLAN testing fully integrated with DFS support and radar signal emulation
Spirent C50 WLAN 802.11AX HRC Appliance
Wi-Fi 6 testing with high radio count (HRC) integration, OFDMA, MU testing.
Spirent C50 Wi-Fi 802.11ac Wave-2 DFS
802.11ac Wave-2 testing integrated with Dynamic Frequency Selection (DFS) radar signal emulation.
Spirent Automotive C1
Layer 2-7 solution, portable form factor, supporting line rates 100/1000BASE-T1, 10/100/1000BASE-T, and NBASE-T.
Spirent Automotive C50
Layer 2-7 solution, 3U form factor, supporting line-rates 100/1000BASE-T1, and NBASE-T, 1G/10GbE.
Spirent Automotive-ComTT
Universal platform for conformance, performance, CAN testing, for simulation/emulation of in-vehicle networks.
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