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Spirent B3 800G Appliances

Spirent B3 800G Appliance is a high-density native 800G OSFP and QSFP-DD test platform, the first in its class to support IEEE 802.3df specifications. As a vendor-neutral test system, the Spirent B3 800G Appliance will help accelerate 800G deployments to enable the networking industry to power new applications running AI/ML.

B3 4-port and 8-port 800G Appliances provide up to 6.4 Tbps of test traffic and support 1x800G, 2x400G, 4x200G, and 8x100G in 112Gbps PAM4 modes in line with Ethernet Technology Consortium 800GBASE-R, IEEE 802.3ck and 802.3df 800GBASE-R, and 1x400G, 2x200G and 8x50G in 56Gbps PAM4 mode per IEEE 802.3cd and IEEE 802.3bs to help validate these deployments.

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