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Velocity iTest

Design, build, and deploy automated test suites that speed technology development by identifying critical bugs as early as possible.


The Best Way to Build Test Automation Suites

Using Velocity iTest, product validation teams can create automated, reusable tests quickly and efficiently. Automation frees these teams to focus on creating comprehensive test suites, rather than performing manual tests. Comprehensive test suites make it possible to find bugs earlier in the development cycle when it’s faster and easier to implement fixes. This speeds new technology releases and improves quality. Whether you are using Python, or open source or in-house automation frameworks, Velocity iTest makes it faster and easier to build and maintain test automation suites.

Consolidate Labs and Automate Testing with Velocity Lab Automation

Learn about combining Velocity lab automation capabilities with test automation from Velocity iTest for a complete end-to-end automated environment.

The Velocity lab automation platform addresses the need for accelerated testing, and ensuring quality, all at a reduced cost. By enabling multiple labs to be consolidated into a single, web-accessible resource, network equipment manufactures, and service providers can reap the benefits of faster test cycles and time to market.

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Velocity iTest

Key Features

Capture and Replay

Capture every action during a test and replay with automation

Bring Your Own Code

Leverage popular automation scripting languages like Python and Robot

Maximize Test Reuse

Create reusable tests by abstracting test equipment and topology

Find Problems Faster

Generate unified reports that combine test results from all devices

Automate Data Extraction

Intelligent technology automatically scans and extracts data from test results


Integrates seamlessly with Velocity for complete lab and test automation

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