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Bring the complex, dynamic, and abstract into view with network-aware mobility service assurance


Critical 5G Assurance Requirements

Learn the key aspects of new assurance methods necessary to meet 5G challenges across several new use cases and how Vantage addresses them via end-to-end visibility into any network infrastructure with decisive insights into root cause analysis.

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A new approach to service assurance

Vantage provides a simplified approach to service assurance that puts performance management control into the hands of any operations team with full network or layered visibility to suit user needs.

Vantage overview

Empowering 5G Expertise

Easy to Deploy and Scale

Consistent deployment paradigm for cloud-native agents supporting private, public, and hybrid cloud

Network-Aware Service Assurance

Understand service performance with context of underlying network infrastructure

Layered Visibility

Select custom visibility filters with overlays such as technology, region/market, interfaces, and more

Start Testing Day 1

Pre-built test suites are ready out-of-the-box for on-demand and continuous testing 

Expansive Coverage

Test agents are deployable in virtualized mobile core and OTA RAN supporting 5G SA, 5G NSA, and 4G

Drill Down to RCA

Intuitive and automated workflows guide users from problem identification to RCA in 3 easy steps

There is a shift from domain specific, silo assurance to multi-domain, end-to-end assurance that supports closed-loop automation “out of the box”.
Network and service assurance – market trends, taxonomy, and outlook – Omdia