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Automated end-to-end service assurance with customizable deep analytics for the world’s most complex networks



Customizable for the world’s most complex networks, VisionWorks provides service assurance with deep analytics for expert 5G teams. VisionWorks laid the groundwork for 5G performance monitoring expertise and continues to be the leading tool for the largest carriers.


400G Traffic Emulation

Spirent’s 400G TestHead is the industry’s first 400G probe that provides full traffic emulation for activation testing and ongoing performance monitoring. It crosses the boundary from lab (activation/deployment testing) to live networks and extends visibility to critical locations throughout the network, including aggregation locations or endpoints such as Network Termination Equipment (NTE). This visibility enables complete end-to-end transport network and service validation with sectionalization features for troubleshooting service issues and assures that services are provisioned correctly the first time, and when faults do occur, they are rapidly identified and corrected.

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Combine Active and Passive Technologies

Leverage active testing and passive monitoring to gain end-to-end visibility across the network and through every service layer.

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Real World Results

Activation Testing

Streamline the deployment of new network functions and services

Automated Troubleshooting

Leverage automated testing procedures and efficient workflows to isolate faults

Service and Experience Assurance

Verify performance across fixed, mobile, and converged networks

40% Faster Delivery

Actual reduction in activation time for 4G/5G core services

75% Faster Issue Resolution

Actual reduction in MTTR for VoLTE service issues

90% Faster Change Validation

Actual reduction in network and service change management validation times

Driving Tangible Value

LSA product messages-VisionWorks

Operators should complement their existing, network-centric performance and fault management systems with active testing that provides greater insight into the service experience.
Network and service assurance – market trends, taxonomy, and outlook – Omdia

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Additional VisionWorks Benefits

  • Increase operational efficiency

  • Exceed customer expectations and business objectives

  • Deploy new technologies and services faster and with less risk

  • Compare performance with committed service levels to prevent SLA violations and penalties

  • Automate problem identification, isolation, and fix validation

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