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Sim3D Multipath Simulation Software

Build detailed 3D environments with proven realism for advanced multipath and obscuration testing.


Protect your receiver against harmful multipath and obscuration

Multipath and signal obscuration can affect the performance of GNSS receivers, with errors varying according to satellite and environmental conditions. Accounting for this is vital. Sim3D is the only solution that can give you the level of detail, control, and realism you need to overcome environmental impacts.

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Shaping the future of 5G with Furuno

Find out how Spirent helped NTT and Furuno develop a pioneering multipath mitigation algorithm for GNSS timing receivers.

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Features & Datasheets

Unrivalled innovation

  • Input real-world models, or choose from geo-typical environments

  • Supporting all current and planned constellations and frequencies

  • Signal code, carrier, and power manipulated by the environment for greater realism

  • Up to 31 multipath signals per line of sight (LOS) simulated

Sim3D complements Spirent’s GSS7000 and GSS9000 Series simulators to enable powerful multipath and obscuration testing.

Realistic 3D modelling for multipath and obscuration testing.
GSS9000 Series GNSS Simulator
Precision multi-frequency, multi-GNSS simulation.
GSS7000 GNSS Simulator
Delivering reliable results faster.
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Learn how Sim3D multipath simulation software could benefit your business.