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Testing Infinity

How to create a realistic GNSS test environment


The aim of GNSS testing is to understand how a GNSS-enabled device will perform in the infinite different circumstances of the real world. For this reason, realistic GNSS testing is crucial in the development and validation of positioning, navigation and timing systems that will perform in the hands of users. With the lack of repeatability and error tracing in real world testing, delivering realistic results depends on lab-based GNSS simulation and record & playback technologies.

Simulation and record & playback systems represent the state-of-the-art in lab-based testing for GNSS. With enhanced realism and the highest fidelity, the significant benefits of bridging the gap between lab and real-world testing can be realised. Foremost of these is to move more testing away from the field and into the cheaper, faster, and more scientific lab environment.

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