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Velocity Core

Automate lab and testbed environments to accelerate new technology releases, enable remote work, and reduce equipment and energy costs.


What is Velocity Core?

Velocity Core empowers teams to consolidate and manage multiple labs as a single web-accessible resource using automation to accelerate testing, eliminate manual effort, and maximize equipment utilization. The solution drives automation by providing a self-service mechanism for resource sharing, provisioning, and orchestration, improving utilization.

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Lab Automation for Cloud Networks

As we enter the cloud era, labs must validate and release new network features in weeks, not months. These shrinking development cycles require shorter, more frequent, continuous testing (CT). Lab automation provides the agility and flexibility needed to allow a wide variety of consumers to participate in the CT process.

Learn how lab automation makes it possible.

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Create Automated Test Suites

Integrate seamlessly with Velocity iTest to design, build and deploy automated test suites to speed up the deployment of your technology. iTest easily converts manual network configurations and testing workflows into secure, distributable automation applications, API libraries, and keywords. Velocity then automates these comprehensive test suites to reduce staffing requirements and improve performance.

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Driving Tangible Value

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