Verify positioning performance under varied conditions to deliver accurate products faster

To develop chipsets or systems for positioning in automotive, consumer electronics or other applications requires quality testing. Highly accurate GNSS/GPS simulation with the GSS6700 gives precise, repeatable signals that can also add the most comprehensive range of additional conditions, new signals and interference effects. It also brings products to market faster, by reducing field testing and debug times, or choosing more accurate module suppliers.

Features & Benefits

Market-leading accuracy and fidelity
High quality simulation - built on 30 years’ experience - improves system accuracy and reduces field testing, debug times.
Flexible configuration
The GSS6700 supports any combination of GPS/SBAS/QZSS, GLONASS, Galileo L1 and BeiDou-2 signals, for testing all types of signals.
Multi-constellation simulation
Up to 48 channels are supported with 12 channels of simulation per constellation.
Powerful software
Choose from 2 software packages (SimREPLAYplus and SimGEN) to suit different test requirements and applications.
Collaborative features
Scenarios, motion information and other data can be imported and shared with colleagues.

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The GSS6700 Multi-GNSS Constellation Simulator from Spirent provides an easy-to-use but powerful solution for GNSS testing which can grow with your evolving needs. Used by R&D, verification and integration teams, it offers a comprehensive set of features to help improve your designs.

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How to Construct a GNSS Test Plan

Download our guide for engineers integrating GPS/GNSS capabilities into new devices and learn how to construct a GNSS testing regime that suits the purpose of your particular project.

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Key factors for choosing a GNSS simulator

If designing accurate positioning systems that use low-power, interference-prone RF signals is not a key strength in your team, then you need help from industry experts to determine how to assess your system’s performance. Download our eBook on choosing a global navigation satellite system (GNSS) simulator.

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Learn the fundamentals of GNSS testing

Get a fast introduction to GNSS simulation, and discover its crucial role in efficient, professional GNSS receiver testing.

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Testing GPS with a Simulator

If you are creating location-aware systems, such as wearables, this eBook explains how to ensure your customers don’t get lost.

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Understand interference

For a more complete insight into the effects of interference, read our latest conference paper.

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GSS6700 with SimGEN

With the GSS6700 and SimGEN, you can generate un-encrypted L1/E1/B1 GNSS signals from one or more constellations.

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GSS6700 with SimREPLAYplus

Learn about the functionality of SimREPLAYplus software and the performance achieved when operated as part of a GSS6700 Multi-GNSS constellation simulator system.

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