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SimGEN Simulation Control Software

SimGEN is the industry’s leading scenario definition and simulation control software


Customize and control your simulation testing

SimGEN gives you the power, control and flexibility needed for robust PNT testing. From configuring all aspects of the GNSS constellation, to controlling spoofing and jamming effects, to introducing key realism effects, SimGEN provides intuitive ease of use and ultimate control to developers.


Assuring maximum performance in your lab

Designed and built for PNT testing, and powered by SimGEN, Spirent simulators deliver the power, precision and realism needed to build world-leading products. SimGEN is continuously evolving ensuring our customers in critical industries are always testing with the latest signals and the most advanced capabilities.

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Features & Datasheets

SimGEN powers innovation

  • Easy integration with inertial testing, hardware-in-the-loop environments, and 3D environment modelling, to accelerate and simplify your testing

  • Predictive sampling for ultra-low latency hardware-in-the-loop testing

  • Full control over onboard and external interference generation for ease of use

  • High resolution control over power levels and other scenario variables

The most powerful and flexible simulation control software available
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Accelerate & Simplify PNT Testing
GSS7000 GNSS Simulator
Delivering reliable results faster.
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