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GSS7000 GNSS Simulator

Multi-frequency, multi-GNSS simulation that delivers reliable results faster


Future-proof your PNT testing

With its embedded controller and compact design, the dedicated SDR architecture of the GSS7000 combines power and space-saving efficiency for your labs. Through the flexibility to customize and upgrade anytime, anywhere, you can confidently overcome new threats and growing expectations of precision and reliability.

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User-friendly simulation control

The GSS7000 is run on the world’s most powerful and flexible simulation control software. With the ability to choose between 3 different levels of software, users can meet any budget requirements while maintaining comprehensive control over signals generated, power levels and scenario dynamics, as well as real time data logging and streaming.

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Accessible vulnerability testing

The GSS7000 is equipped with highly flexible generation capabilities. Whether testing against complex jamming and spoofing attacks or qualifying systems for RED compliance, users benefit from control over power levels and frequencies of interferers within the GNSS bands. Dynamic spoofing capability gives additional opportunities for robustness.

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Automotive HIL testing

Developments in automotive and autonomous vehicle technology are driving a need for high-performance, multi-sensor positioning engines. The GSS7000 delivers robust, low-latency PNT inputs for hardware-in-the-loop configurations. Low and consistent latency, and plug-and-play interoperability with the leading HIL platforms, enable unrivaled realism and usability.

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Accelerate and de-risk your PNT testing

Spirent engineers and consultants combine decades of PNT testing experience with in-depth knowledge of testing hardware and software. Benefit from Spirent’s global support network, and partnerships with third party providers to get your development moving towards complete success, on time and within budget.

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Features & Datasheets

Reliable results, faster

  • Generate every current and planned GNSS signal with complete control

  • Comprehensive error simulation for a more realistic and controllable test environment

  • Seamless integration into HIL rigs

  • Supporting conducted and over-the-air testing

  • Amplify and accelerate your entire testing process with PNT-Automation

  • Native simulator support for Qualcomm's QDART testing tool

Multi-frequency, multi-GNSS simulator
The most powerful and flexible simulation control software available
Test orchestration and automation platform for Spirent GNSS simulators
Enhanced Orbit Propagation Tool
Realistic 3D modelling for multipath and obscuration testing.
SimHIL Integrated hardware-in-the-loop testing
Bringing high precision, low latency GNSS into dynamic HIL environments.
Performance testing of sensor fusion in MEMS inertial and Multi-GNSS navigation systems
Custom waveform I/Q test solution
Comprehensive interference waveform generation.
Xona Pulsar Signal Emulation
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