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GSS6450 Record & Playback System

The GSS6450 record & playback system enables high-fidelity testing using real-world signals in repeatable lab conditions.


High Bit Depth. High Dynamic Range.

The GSS6450 has led the way in combining the practicality and dynamic detail needed for next-generation product development. Offering high bit depth, dynamic range, bandwidth, and fully configurable according to your needs, the GSS6450 enables powerful lab testing with unrivalled realism.

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High definition video recording on a phone, representing the high definition recording of the GSS6450

GSS6450 Specification

Read more about the functionality, technical data, and configuration information for the GSS6450 system.

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GSS6450 blue binary code data
"We have several GSS6450 units, used for multiple purposes, and are happy with them. The bandwidth and quantisation bits give a very good representation of the RF environment. Other positives for us are the user-friendly GUI, portability, and ease of integration into an automated test framework (via TCP/IP)."
Markku Nyfelt
Senior Manager, Test & Measurement – u-blox

Features & Datasheets

Leading the way

  • Capture the whole environment through 3 independent RF ports  

  • Supporting GNSS L1/L2/L5/B3/E6, as well as WiFi and LTE/Cellular 

  • Oven-controlled oscillator used on record & playback for high frequency stability 

  • Monitor the environment in real-time with in-built spectrum analyzer 

  • 2 x High Speed CAN + CAN FD option for automotive developers 

Professional Services
Spirent Professional Services can accelerate and de-risk the testing regimen of the core systems and subsystems that support advanced positioning, navigation and timing (PNT) capabilities.
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