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GSS7725 Interference Generation System

Interference is a threat to any location-aware system. Thoroughly test against it with the accessible GSS7725.


Guard Against Interference for Robust Performance

Whether intentional or unintentional, RF interference is a threat to all GNSS-enabled systems. From a degradation of position accuracy to a complete loss of position, and creating the possibility of a catastrophic spoofing attack, RF interference presents a real danger to developers. 

Interference mitigation can be applied in various forms, but each requires thorough testing using flexible, reliable, and often expensive equipment. Spirent's GSS7725 recreates a broad range of threats in a repeatable environment, bringing down cost and boosting robustness.  


Mitigating real-world threats with the GSS7725

The Spirent GSS7725 is a dedicated RF interference generator that turns I/Q files into interference waveforms. At a competitive price point, it’s ideal for any business looking to stop critical threats in a cost-effective way.

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GSS7725 unmanned ariel drone flying in the sky


System integration

Works seamlessly with Spirent’s range of GNSS simulation systems

Playback I/Q files

Compatible with multiple sources, including Spirent’s preconfigured vulnerabilities test pack

Lab friendly

The 2U chassis builds into your existing rack


Access vulnerability testing at a low price

Features & Datasheets

Flexible and affordable

The GSS7725 complements Spirent’s GSS7000 simulator, enabling flexible interference testing. Powered by SimGEN, the GSS7725 allows users to access 33 pre-recorded interference signals. With a maximum interference/signal ratio of +110 dB relative to GPS C/A, and bandwidth up to 25 MHz, the GSS7725 enhances development of a range of applications

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