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Landslide Core Network Testing

Accelerate the evolution to 5G with network validation that recreates real-world traffic levels in the lab.


What is Landslide?

Landslide is a scalable platform to test and emulate 5G and O-RAN mobile networks built on traditional or cloud-native infrastructure. It generates real-world control and data plane traffic of millions of mobile subscribers as they move through the network. Virtualized test functions may be deployed directly on cloud infrastructure to better assess cloud-native network function performance. This eliminates the need for carriers to perform expensive, non-repeatable, and time consuming drive testing in the live network.

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O-RAN Testing

Landslide plays a key role in testing Open RAN. Disaggregated architecture, open interfaces, virtualization, multi-vendor interworking, and cloud deployments are some of the many challenges that mandate comprehensive O-RAN testing. Learn how Spirent’s flexible, scalable, high-performance solutions comprehensively test for compliance, functionality, performance and capacity.

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Driving Tangible Value

LSA product messages-5G

"Nokia’s 5G Core Solution Validation team is using Spirent Landslide due to its industry leading feature capabilities in Standalone 5G Core. The product is easy to use combined with a wide variety of automation possibilities. My team has very close collaboration with Spirent’s team in order to resolve the future challenges of 5G networks today!”
Tamás Bicsák
Head of Solution Validation, Nokia

Features & Datasheets

Platforms & Applications

Landslide applications are deployed on physical test platforms or as software-only, virtualized test functions. Physical test platforms support emulation of high volumes of traffic, to ensure networks will perform under real world conditions. Virtualized test functions may be deployed directly on cloud infrastructure to better assess cloud-native network function performance.

Landslide C100-M4
A test platform for emulating high volumes of network functions and traffic
Landslide C50
A test platform for lower-scale emulation of network functions and traffic
Landslide E10
A compact test platform for over-the-air testing of mobile and Wi-Fi networks
Landslide 5G
A 5G test application covering the entire evolution to 5G
Landslide LTE
An LTE test application for MME and SSGN validation
Landslide Virtual
A high-performance virtualized version of Landslide
Landslide IoT
An IoT test application for high scale device emulation and mobility
Landslide VoLTE/IMS
A VoLTE/IMS and SIP UE emulation test application
Landslide Wi-Fi
A Wi-Fi Offload Gateway test application
Landslide Diameter
A diameter test application for AAA functions, mobility management, policy and charging controls
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