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CloudSure – Cloud-Native Validation

Validate the interaction of 5G cloud-native network functions and infrastructure under real-world cloud conditions to ensure reliable 5G operations


Continuous, Proactive 5G Cloud-Native Validation

In a new, highly dynamic cloud-native world, Spirent provides industry-first, integrated test solutions to proactively validate 5G cloud-native network function (CNF) performance using large-scale traffic and realistic cloud conditions to ensure reliable operations.

Ensure CNF-to-Infrastructure compatibility by identifying and fixing areas and causes of incompatibilities prior to deployment. Test and tune CNF autoscaling to cut power and cooling costs in half.

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Ensuring Successful 5G Cloud-Native Deployments

Continuous, automated test and validation solutions for 5G cloud-native infrastructures and network functions ensure communication service providers (CSP) and CNF vendors deploy high-quality 5G services without hidden problems, avoiding costly outages.

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Solution Highlights

5G Service Resiliency

Ensure 5G CNFs remain reliable even in challenging cloud conditions for uninterrupted service delivery and automated fault recovery.

5G Service Optimization

Optimize resource utilization to maintain efficient 5G operations and reduce the huge costs of overprovisioning.

Accelerate New 5G Services

Reduce time and effort needed to ensure readiness before deployment and deliver high-quality 5G services that meet customer expectations.

"Cloud-native microservices require a paradigm shift where services are designed for failure and recover quickly with minimal user impact through horizontally scaled architectures. Spirent can play a crucial role in enabling this change, with continuous testing and a cloud-native resilience-driven mindset."
Francis Haysom, principal analyst at Appledore

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Validate the resiliency of 5G CNFs for reliable service delivery and efficient operations
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